Wasila Candles and Incenses

Wasila Company was established on 2004. And originally consisted of a handmade candles and incenses factory in Chiangmai, Thailand. Since then, due to our unique design with superior quality and better prices. Our reputation and sales have been increased dramatically and aggressively.

There were over 500 different types or sizes of pillar candles, flower candles, floating flower candles, floating candles, tealight candles and incenses. And more than 100 new design every year. Our goal is to make Chiangmai Candles or even Thailand Candles to be competitive in world market.

Our products not only handmade quality candles and incenses. But also candle holders, incense holders, floating flower candles, floating candles, large floating candles, pillar candles, tealight candles, essential oil, oil burner. And a wide range of Thai Handicraft, Thai Handmade, Thailand Products. This innovative range includes many one-of-a-kind items developed exclusively by Wasila.

You will obtain our best attention on inquiry, follow-up, special requests and guarantees.  We can be reached 24 Hrs. a day. Contact us at wasila@wasila.co.th

Request for product price list.  Please send an e-mail and subject "Price list request" to price@wasila.co.th the link for price list will send you automatically.

Local Wisdom

The diverse products of Thailand's rural communities. Are the culmination of local wisdom and experiences. Handed down from generation to generation.

They are exquisitely handmade from local materials. Refined over hundreds of years with skill and creativity, into Thailand products and designs unique to their localities.

Local link - Global reach - Why us?

We're manufacturers, exporters, and trading agent located in Chiangmai, Thailand. Which know as a land of handcraft. We are providing guidance on production techniques, quality control, packaging and design. To produce original handcrafted products even more attractive to export markets.

Our Production Capacity

Our 2,000 SQM newly build Thailand Candles Factory. Able to produce more than 100,000 candles/month. All candles making under very strict quality control and high efficiency production methods.

Wasila Factory

No Anti Dumping to USA and EUROPE

Pillar Candle

Thailand Candles "NO" Anti Dumping to USA and EUROPE. 

We can produce all kind of candles. Pillar candles, Tealight candles, Votive candles, Floating flower candles, Floating candles, Large floating Candles, etc. And also specialize in production of very unique "designer" candles items. We guarantee the most competitive price and best delivery time.

  Products from Wasila
Gift Pack Gift Set Candle Miscellaneous
Gift Pack Gift Set Candle Miscellaneous
Incense pack with Holder.
Candle pack with incense and Holder.
Thai Mini Scented Candles Incenses.

Candle and Incense set. Bath and Body set.
Spa set.
Floating Flower Candles. Large Floating Candles.
Floating Candles.
Pillar Candles.
Tealight Candles.

Candle Holder.   Incenses Holder.
Oil Burner.

  Products Update


  Candle Gift Set   Rose Flower Floating Candle   Magnolia Flower Candle   Incense Gift Set   Incense Gift Set  

Code: WB-I37
Floating flower candles in Gift Box.


Code: WC-F02SP
Rose floating flower candles.


Code: WC-G12
Magnolia Bud candles.



Code: WP-I71-72
Incense and Holder in wooden box.



Code: WP-I37
Incense with holder in round shape package.



  Flower Tea light Candle   Flower Candle in Coconut tray   Candle Gift Set   Candle in Ceramic   Incense Gift Set  
  Code: WC-L21
Daisy tealight candles.
  Code: WC-G14
Flower candles in coconut tray.
  Code: WB-I40
Floating flower candles gift set.
  Code: WP-I41
Candle in elephant ceramic in wooden box.
  Code: WP-I53
Incense and candle in wooden box.
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